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We at the Law Offices of Joseph Chitmongran take great pride in the relationships we have with our clients; some of whom have retained us for many, many years. This type of loyalty is the result of our uncompromising dedication to providing quality legal service, affordable prices and that personal touch that makes our firm unique and one of a kind.  Because our clients come from all walks of life and live all over the world, we have had the fortunate opportunity to handle many differnt type of cases.  And although we have recieved countless "thank you" cards, letters, and gifts, and appreciate them all, we have chosen only A FEW tO SHARE HERE. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS AND FOR THOSE WHO HAVE GRACIOUSLY GIVEN THEIR PERMISSION TO POST THEIR EXPERIENCES AND OPINIONS.

Domestic Cases: Inside the USA

International Cases: Outside the USA

EB Visa for Special Religious Workers (Buddhist Monks)

"Atty. Joseph Chitmongran is one of a kind! He is not only caring and compassionate, but also genuinely nice to his clients and colleagues. As soon as you talk to him, his intelligence and knack for simplifying the law will be evident. Atty. Chitmongran is a "Somebody" among his peers and growing clientele.

When you hire him to represent you, you will be convinced that he will not rest until he finds a solution to your legal problem."

                                                         ~  Edwin A. Barnum
                                                              Attorney at Law
From Client to Friends...

Removal of Conditions on 2 Year LPR

I have been fortunate for the
opportunity to meet many
interesting people in my line
of work.  From every day
people to Hollywood's
"American Idols", everyone
has a story to tell.  You just
have to open your ears and
hearts to listen. And if you do
that, you will learn many  
wonderful things that person
has to share. With me,
sometimes those shared experiences have led to more than just an attorney-client relationship; I have been lucky to find friendship. Case in Point: Most know Debbie Bazoo as a beautiful, uber-talented actress, singer, and dancer, yet in addition to that, I know her as a down-to-earth, intelligent, charismatic friend whose love for her precious little girl Lea and husband David is beyond measure.
Follow her on IG at: @debbie_bazoo

Thank you, Debbie for your continued friendship and support!!!

90 Day Fiance: Love Knows No Distance

Attorney Joseph Chitmongran with
Tommy (left) and his then fiance, now lovely wife, Pim (right).

"I enjoying K-1
cases. I love when two people can finally be together and start a life they've always dreamed about. The fact that I played a role in making this dream possible is something beyond words. May Tommy and Pim, and all
my other K-1 families live happily-ever
after". ~ J. Chitmongran
Supporting the Thai Community:
From the West Coast to the East Coast!

Immigration Court:
Deportation (Removal) Defense